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If you ever find yourself in a situation where you must hire a lawyer, it is worth taking the extra time and energy to ensure that you find one who is capable of adequately representing you. To do this, make sure you find one who is willing to go the extra mile for you and your case.

A good lawyer is never something that you hope to need, but if the situation presents itself than one is something you certainly need to have.

When it comes to criminal or civil issues, divorce proceedings, estate matters, property transactions or any number of additional situations that require legal expertise, having the right professional representing you and your interests can make or break the outcome. The problem is that finding the right lawyer can often be as difficult as resolving the situation itself.

Run-of-the-mill lawyers are truly a dime a dozen in today's world. You can find some of every type, personality and area of expertise pretty much anywhere you look, and in most cases they're all going to tell you the exact same thing - whatever you want to hear. The challenge lies in identifying the truly competent, quality attorneys who will provide you with the representation you need and deserve out of this watered-down group of pretenders.

Obviously the education and pedigree of the lawyer goes a long way towards establishing his or her reputation and capabilities. Where he or she went to college and received a law degree, what firm they practice with and what type of law they have experience practicing can shed some light on whether a particular attorney is the proper fit for your case.

Yet beyond these cut-and-dry facts are equally important qualities any worthwhile lawyers have - their personal commitment to serving their clients.

Legal representation is a customer service, and as a client you are paying for the best personal advocacy you can get. Because of this, there are certain qualities that you should be able to expect from anyone you hire to represent you.

First and foremost, any good lawyer should be solely focused and committed on achieving the results you desire from the matter at hand - after all, that's why you're hiring one. In cases involving personal injury or similar matters where a financial judgment is involved for the client, it is reasonable to expect lawyers to at least entertain the idea of not getting paid for their services unless you, the client, receive a judgment in your favor.

Why would an attorney be willing to take such a deal? Because he or she should at least be willing to discuss the particulars of your case in a consultation before agreeing to take it on, and should do so with minimal or no charge.

Finally, a good lawyer should be willing to cater to you. As a potential client, you should not have to jump through hoops travel great distances or spend considerable amounts of money to find an attorney. He or she should extend you the courtesy of trying to earn your business.

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